Welcome to HealthCARE Express Choctaw, Oklahoma, home of the WOWZA customer service experience. The HealthCARE Express parent company began in 2006. It expanded to the Choctaw area in 2016. HealthCARE Express serves the community’s urgent care and occupational medicine needs.

Address & Hours

Choctaw Location

14321 NE 23rd Street

Choctaw, OK, 73020


MON-SUN: 8am - 8pm

Choctaw Location

14321 NE 23rd Street

Choctaw, OK, 73020

P: (405) 342-0255

F: (405) 610-6960


MON-SUN: 8am - 8pm


"I hate going to the doctor because even after one has a scheduled appointment you have to wait forever to get called. However, Healthcare Express is fast and very convenient. I've brought both my husband and mom for injuries and the staff was very knowledg..."

- Anonymous

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