HealthCARE Express Helps You Smooth Out the Wrinkles to Defy Aging

Do you feel young and happy on the inside, but your face is telling a different story?  What you’re feeling on the inside can now easily be shown on the outside.  HealthCARE Express in Wake Village, a clinic known for providing quality urgent care and occupational medicine with a commitment to amazing customer service, now offers BOTOX® therapy on Mondays and Fridays.

“Several of our patients have been asking us to provide a more affordable and convenient way for them to get BOTOX® treatments, and we were lucky enough to add Joel Mack, a nurse practitioner to our team. Joel has over 10 years experience in the Dallas area performing BOTOX® procedures, and he has trained several of our other practitioners to perform Botox.  He will be the primary provider doing this procedure for the first few months,” said Tim Reynolds, M.D., managing partner for HealthCARE Express.

BOTOX® is little more than a natural, purified protein that has the power to relax wrinkle-causing muscles. After an injection, the affected area becomes visibly smoothed, which leads to a much-improved appearance. BOTOX® treatments are available at HealthCARE Express for $10 a unit.

“One of the best bonuses to having BOTOX® done is no one will know you’ve had it done, unless you tell them. You don’t have to do a major surgery to get major results.  With this tiny, minimally invasive procedure, you see results in three to five days, sometimes sooner,” said Joel Mack, a nurse practitioner at HealthCARE Express.

Prior to beginning a BOTOX® treatment, each patient undergoes a consultation to discuss the extent of the treatment and the likely outcomes expected from non-surgical cosmetic treatments like BOTOX® and fillers.
“Many of our patients who undergo BOTOX® do so because they want to look and feel good and they want more than the results they get from regular exercise and a healthy diet,” said Mack.

With over 10 years experience doing BOTOX® and fillers, Mack and the other providers at HealthCARE Express have a thorough understanding of the relationships between the 43 facial muscles and know precisely where to use Botox to achieve a patient’s desired results.

“Joel’s experience reduces the chances of side effects, like bruising, or drooping eyelids,” said Reynolds.

The injection makes facial wrinkles less visible by paralyzing facial muscles. The effects of a single BOTOX® injection last for about three months. Since the injections are not permanent, patients generally return every three to four months for another treatment. The most common areas patients have treated are the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the crows feet.

“Occasionally, a patient's problem can be more effectively treated with a filler, such as Juevederm®, which is also available at HealthCARE Express. For many patients, both fillers and BOTOX® are used to achieve optimal results,” said Mack.

HealthCARE Express patients start seeing the results of their BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure in about two to three days; however, the full effect can take up to two weeks. To learn more about BOTOX®, or to schedule your appointment, visit the Sanctuary by HealthCARE Express.